Chapter two.Mature

 Makenzi and I arrived to American History  just as the bell was ringing. I sat in the back of the room with Kylie to the right of me, and an empty desk to my left. Mrs. Marfin took attendance.

"Makenzi Blaze?"

"HERE!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

" Michael-"

"Do you think she heard me?" Makenzi whispered to me.

" Yeah, I'm pretty sure Japan heard you." I sarcastically whispered back.

"Smart a-"

"Molly Hitch?" Mrs. Marfin asked. I waited until she asked again.

"Oh you know you can see me!" I laughed thinking to myself that she probably couldn't.

Which was such a great thing to say, especially since Monique Lopez turned around. Monique was the girl everyone knew was a bitch yet tried to be exactly like. The teachers went easy on her because her dad was a leading donator to the school.

" I don't know what the fuck you think you're starring at, but it needs to stop before I get pissed." I whispered. "While you're at it if you can get a shirt that covers the girls, I'd gladly appreciate it."

I smiled refering to her hot pink halter top that was so tight it looked as if her breasts were going to fall out. Her icy blue eyes glared at me, and she flipped her platinum blonde hair and turned around. I mimicked her to Makezni, who was still holding in laughter from my "girls' comment. Just then I heard the door slam, and looked up to find a tall guy with shaggy black hair standing in front of Mrs. Marfin's desk.

"Oh yes. Principal Franklin told me you were to be here today. I completely forgot." She smiled to the new student.

" Class this is Andrew, and I want you to make him feel at home. Andrew you can take the empty seat in the back." She smiled.

"Wonderful," I thought." There goes my coat-rack."

Andrew didn't look up as he walked to the back of the room. I kept trying to get a glance of his face, but all I saw was black hair flowing back and forth as he walked, and a black Breaking Benjamin shirt. I glanced out the side of my eye to see him set his backpack down, and got out a sheet of paper. He scribbled something down, folded it up neatly and handed it to me. It said:

Dear Molly,

Months to years have gone by, and I couldn't stop thinking of that face. I promised to come back for you,and i finally decided to keep my word. I doubt you remember me, but I just needed to see your smile one last time. I understand we've grown apart now, we've grown up now.I just wanted you to know that you were always with me. I never forgot you, nor will I ever. For neither the angels in heaven above nor the demons down under the sea could take my heart from the heart of the beautiful you and me.                                                                            - Andrew Harther.

It was typed. He scribbled a note at the bottom.

It said:

P.S.  2800 Attleboro Rd. Go into the backyard and climb.

I looked over at him, I did remember, but I didn't know he did.

The End

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