Oppisites Attract.Mature

Molly thought she had everything the way she liked it. Her mom ignored her when she was at home, which was rare because she always seemed to have a case to work on, her best friend Makenzi. Yet all that changed with the arrival of an old friend. Will Lilah find it in her heart to forgive him, or will she end up heartbroken. The book to answer the age old question. Do oppisites attract?

                 Chapter One.

“Molly Kira Hitch!” I awoke to find my alarm clock’s screen broke, and glass sprawled against the floor as my mother called out my name.

“Molly, you have 5 seconds to get your lazy butt out of bed and down these stairs now.”

I stared at the ceiling and counted out loud, “ One one thousand.. two one thousand.. three one thousand…four one thousand.” I walked over to the door and pressed my ear gently against the soft white wood. Just as I expected I heard the sound of expensive heels stomping up the stairs. I waited until she was in front of my door to open up.

“Oh because heaven forbid I don’t do exactly as you wish right?” I gave her a “go rot in hell” smile, and pushed my way past. I retreated down the stairs and grabbed the still brewing coffee pot allowing it to continue pouring hot coffee all over the counter. I poured myself a cup, and set it back where I found it, laughing to myself about my own little joke. My mother emerged from the stairwell a moment later. I didn’t know what to expect so I smiled and said,” good morning sleepy head have a good night.”

She didn’t respond. I walked past her, and ran back up to my room to get ready. I grabbed a plain red t-shirt, a black and white plaid vest, a pair of dark blue denim skinny jeans and a pair of high top red converse. I put it on quickly, walked to the bathroom, and threw my auburn hair into a pony tail. I walked downstairs, and without looking back, walked out of the prison I called home.

It’s not like home was bad, or my mom was abusive. I just wasn’t being understood nor did it feel like anybody cared how I felt. In other words home was at school with, or at the house of, Makenzi Blaze. How do we describe her other than utterly miraculous? She is exactly the same height as me five foot six, with stick-straight fiery red hair and olive green eyes.

With my mom being a lawyer, and the most amazing dad in the world being a well payed musician; I could afford to attend any school THEY wanted. Rivergreen High School was a highly priced private school here in Seattle. It was full of snotty rich kids, and my friends.

“Hey there sunshine, how’s your Madre doing?” She said with a knowing smile. She was rocking out in her purple tutu dress, short sleeve black cardigan, knee high black converse, and her hair curled to perfection.

“Makenzi you’re just not like other girls here.” I giggled, glancing around at the plastic, fake, blonde bitches of our school.

“That's why you love me?” She asked popping her gum.

“Not the only reason, but yes that’s why I love you.”

We walked to first period, American History, where we prepared to take the biggest nap of our life. Boy, was I wrong.

The End

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