When I saw him, I knew I wanted him. His short jet-black hair, seemed to complement his big golden eyes. His pale skin contrasted perfectly with his small, red lips. His toned body was just begging me to touch. 

I walked over, casually, and started making small conversation. His accent was beautiful, and seemed to hypnotise me. Every word he said was a spell and I was certainly under it. I wanted to make a move. But I held back. Being like this had got me in this trouble. I made my excuses and left him. 

I had known I was gay for a long time. A few close friends had known, but it was something I had never dared tell my parents. They were very strict, and they certainly wouldn't have been happy about it. Then they found out about me and my boyfriend - ex boyfriend. They had heard the rumours, and when they asked me about it, I couldn't deny it. They disowned me, and wouldn't speak to me. My boyfriend pretended as if he didn't even know me that well, so he could carry on in his lie. But I couldn't. It was out and that was that. And that's how I came to Oppiana.

I pressed the button on my Air boots, and flew into the air. I wondered this new city, like a lost tourist. It certainly was breath taking here. A girl stopped me, and asked me for the time. 

But before I could say anything, another girl rammed into us.  "Ahhh!!!" she screamed. "Sorry" she then shouted to us. 

The End

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