Luciana - What?!?!

I gawk at him in shock. "What do you mean of earth?" I yell jumping to my feet.

"The planet. Theres no land these days just a few cities the main city being Oppiona which we are in now..... Come on" He takes my hand and pull me out of the room. While I'm tall he's taller. I mean I'm 5"6 so he must be about six foot.

"Where are we going?" I ask as he pulls me stumbling along behind him. Then he opens a door and we step out onto a balcony.

"Welcome to Oppiona" he says leaning against the bar. I gawk at the city. Metal pathways arching to buildings bursting up from the sea. People also fly around as well. With sort of hover boots.

"Seriously" I whisper. "I'm seriously in the future. No dream or nothing"

Rowan pinches my arms and I jump yelling out. "No dream" he teases. "Welcome to your new time"

"How the hell am I going to adjust?" I say shocked. "I mean people are flying around with space boots"

"Not exactly. Air Force boots which defy the gravity enough to keep a human body afloat" Rowan explains. Someone looks our way then blinks looking shocked.

I still can't get round the golden eyes. But as this person looks at us Rowan pulls up his hood. "Not a moments piece" he says. He turns and picks something up then hands them to me. "Put these on"

"These are to big" I say shocked. Looking at the massive boots with Air Force written on them.

"They'll adjust to your feet" Rowan says simple. I pull them on and like he says they do. He clicks something on his boots floating up then reaches down to do the same to mine.

Then I shoot off. "Ahhh!!!" I scream. Then Thwack! I hit into two people. "Sorry" I shout scared as I get my balance.

"Luci" Rowan's call comes from behind me.

The End

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