I stop writing my diary and rub my eyes. I close it placing it down in front of me. Then I move past my bed round my seatee to my wardrobe.

Then I feel a sick feeling in my stomach. I slump down on to the seatee pushing aside my laptop on its small desk.

Then I find myself curling up gripping my stomach tight. Something not right. My eyes tighten shut.

Then..... Wham! I gasp rolling over sucking in air. Thats when I realise I'm no longer at home.

I seem to be laying on some sort of Hospital bed that is not all to comfy. The door swings open and a boy walks in. He's wearing a cloak and has a slight sort of strength to his step.

"Hello, Luciana..... I would like to welcome you to the future"

"What?" I say lost. "This has to be some joke"

"No joke. You really have been brought to the future" the boy says smiling. He pulls back the head of his cloak and I gasp. His hair is a normal midnight black but his eyes.......

Its like they've been bleached by the sun golden. "Your eyes?" I whisper. He laughs his body arching slightly before he stands back straight.

"This is just how I imagined you. And yes, all people in the future have had there eyes been bleached by the sun..... No one understands how. Its not even a new mystery to us yet remains secret"

"Why am I here?" I whisper.

"An experiment of a time machine one of our technology. I chose you to bring you here. Your diarys" He pulls out one and I freeze. "They pulled at me. Your time was so different. So much pain yet you cope through it. I chose you cause I wanted to give you a better life, Luciana" He says.

"You know my name but I don't know yours?" I whisper.

"My name is Rowan. Prince Rowan of Earth"

The End

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