My mum made muffins. While me and my sisters played dress ups then we went to school. we took the muffins to school for lunch.

  • Mum made muffins for my lunch box while me and my sisters played dress ups , but I really should get back to my room I needed to do my project of how to help the environment .My opinion is that we should not litter then what a lovely scenery we'll have. Let all the trees and bushes grow wild then we will have good shelter and shade. The flowers will spread their nice aroma of perfume. While the bees pruduce fresh honey from their hive . The paper mache hills painted green sparkled with green glitter.Lenny a very dirty little boy, but was very good at inventing things. He disagreed on my opinion. Say you've got lots of bits of metal ,sparkly paper and you make lots of inventions. His opinion was let mountain heaps grow taller he wants to be a survivour when he grows up, he wants to be on a televition program called survival.His bit of card had cut up pieces of plastic and shinp paper it had some broken toy car wheels on it with bits of twigs and leaves. At lunch time I got ready for my what I was going to say.I ate a few muffins then I offered some to my friends. Soon I was on stage , saying my little speach.In school as you might know our school has been repainted and new flowers have been put in. We can make our whole world nice by recycling and not littering and their will be pleature for everyone and we'll all have a lovely atmosphere! Mrs smith persuaded Lenny that his idea was gret but not many peaple wanted rubbish around them.She carried on hurriedy she showed me a really old fashioned picture it had lovely illustrations, with fish,cheetahs,rabbits and flowers with cows grazing under the nice shady trees.Anne a little  girl , next to me looked at it with great intrest she reached out to touch the lovely tiger stripes and the rabbits little pink noses.Rodger a tall slim boy,pushed Anne aside. To touch the nice illustrations but nocked a bottle of ink over. The class gasped,with a pale face Mrs Smith looked sadly at the so well detailed picture. She turned away and cryed, it belonged to my grandmother she painted it she sniffed. I brought her a picture of a rabbit and Lenny gave her his tigger blanket though she said I don't know where its been she accepted it.THE END 
The End

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