Operator by Shiloh

It was a dark room; dim-lit by only a few melting candles. There was a pile of GSCE study books to one side of the desk, and a stack of CD's to the other. But the girl was oblivous to the work. Music was her passion.

Abruptly the girl rose from her chair and tossed a extensively sized book to the floor. She crossed the room until she was stood beside her bulky and dust covered Television, and fiercely jammed the power button down. She waited for the black dot to change green. Nothing. She pressed it again. Nothing. There was still no electricity. Bloody power cut, she thought.

With a sigh, she shot round and fell back into the comfort of her chair,  then grabbed tightly hold of a pad of paper and a chewed biro, and began to write a song ...

The tv says I'm not the girl that I should be
It drives me crazy
I'm not impressed
It isn't what I want to be
So call me lazy

The End

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