Operation Avalon (Pt 1)

            The GDF Breaker left its jump just outside of Alpha-Beta 1’s first moon. Up in the bridge, things were starting to happen.

            “Sir, jump completed.” One of the Navigational Personnel stated.

            “Understood, get into an orbit with that moon; let’s see how well our quarry’s sensors are.” Captain Phillip ordered.

            “Aye aye sir! Standard orbit, come to three-three-zero, half walk.” The Nav. Commander answered, the ship started to move slightly until it was perfectly aligned with the moon’s orbit.

            “Right, get those Special Forces guys out, they’re waiting to get a fight, I suspect they’ll get one where they’re headed.” Captain Phillips said, he pushed a button on his console and sat down.  

            Down in the troop quarters, the order had already been anticipated for there were no Special Forces to be found, they were all in their transports ready to go.

            “What do you know? There’s the shove off order.” 2nd and 3rd’s pilot exclaimed sarcastically. He was already aligning himself with the ship’s hanger’s exit.

            “Just make sure you don’t run us into a wall ok?” Luke asked, there was a laugh as the transport launched out of the hanger into the Kronotion space.

            Down on the surface of Alpha-Beta 1, the ground was much more barren than they had originally though.

            “What a rock!” Rojas exclaimed as he descended from the transport, he hit the rocky soil without a sound as the rest of the team followed suit. They all had to wear their Environmental Suits for this operation for the unknown atmospheric properties.

            “Yeah, I can see for miles here.” Matt said with a grin, he was staring through his rifle’s telescopic scope.

            “Cut the chatter Matt, guys let’s move out towards the objective.” Sarge said as he got his bearings; the squad started to move towards the north where their target lay.

            They trudged on for about a kilometer before they finally could see the target, an enemy armor facility. It was almost the same color as the ground, a deep dark reddish color, but the smoke visible from the factory gave it away.

            “Looks inviting.” Luke said, he loaded a mini-rocket into his rifle’s rocket launcher, a new breakthrough in grenade launcher technology.

            “Shall we knock on the door?” Rojas suggested, pulling out a block of C-4.

            “We’ll need something a bit quieter gents.” Charlie said, “Matt, if you will.” The squad reached the factory’s outer wall, an access door was found and Matt got to work. He pulled out a small pad and hooked it up to the door’s electronic pin-pad and started typing, in no time the code was found and the door was opened. The squad rushed in, quietly, and closed the door, flushing the room with an impenetrable darkness.

            “Oi! I can’t see a thing!” Tom exclaimed, the squad was bumping into one another and couldn’t move forward nor backward.

            “Quiet!” Sarge ordered, the squad shut up and listened, “Your suits have a low light setting; switch it on now.” The squad turned it on and found the room now flushed in black and white.

            “Ok, this is a bit better.” Kelly, 3rd squad’s gunner said, he made his way to the only door that could be opened from the inside, he disappeared behind it.

            The squad followed and found themselves in a massive factory complex where the bodies of the tanks and armored vehicles were being assembled. Sparks from welders were shooting everywhere as mini bits of metal showered down on to the floor below.

            “Alright everyone keep your suits sealed, we don’t know the atmospheric conditions of this facility; and I bet they ain’t pretty.” Charlie said, checking his Environmental suit’s pressure gage. The others did the same before pressing on, the good thing about the sparks and the low light was that the Kronotions couldn’t see them as well.

            The squad moved quickly but quietly through the bottom floor as they found their first objective: the door to the Environmental Control Room. They stacked up with Luke and Rojas on either side of it. The door was locked and since they had not been discovered allowed Matt to attempt to hack the door open. A few tedious seconds later and the door popped open with a small hiss.   

            The squad rushed inside just a Kronotion worker turned around to see who had entered. 3 silenced weapons bursts from the squad ended the potential problem that used to be 3 Kronotion workers; Matt closed the door, locking it, and the squad took up positions while 3rd squad’s sniper did her work.

            “Ok, let’s see here.” She said; her name was Kelly, “Ok we have Barometric pressure, Air Pressure, oxygen levels… gravity levels… and a whole bunch of other crap that means nothing.”

            “What should we mess with?” Matt asked as he sat down beside her, making sure that the dead Kronotion didn’t make too much sound when he hit the ground.

            “Well I think we should mess with the oxygen levels. It would be a bit silly if we turned all the gravity off at once, not to mention obvious.” Kelly responded.

            “How’s about dropping the oxy levels down enough for the sensors to start up; then we’ll seal the deal by dropping air pressure and gravity.” Matt suggested.

            “Oh so simulate one of those containment barriers they have up failing and letting the outside in.” Kelly realized she started typing; Matt started to as well on the consol beside her working to find a barrier or two to turn off. They continued to type in silence from the rest of the squad who were checking their EV suits for anything that could hamper their mission, such as broken oxygen hoses, tears or rips in their suits, anything like that.

            “Ok got the alarm set, it should be unnoticeable by the security that might patrol it.” Matt announced triumphantly.

            “Got the situation ready, waiting for the barrier to fall.” Kelly announced.

            “Barrier and alarm coming in, in 3..2..1..” And on zero a shrill alarm sounded.

            “Shield barriers 152k and 2411b have failed. Please evacuate to nearest transportation hub immediately.” The alarm said with a calm voice. A commotion outside was heard as the workers and guards scrambled to escape the false emergency.

            “Ok hit the EV trap.” Matt ordered, Kelly typed for a few seconds, and then Matt did as well as soon as Kelly had finished.

            “Internal Life Support failing, please find the nearest transport and exit calmly.” The alarm chimed in just on time. Chaos reigned as the station, that was thrown into a sense of calm evacuation, now was thrust into the throes of terror as the workers and guards now raced against the man-made devastation that headed their way. And soon, everything got quiet.

            “I believe that we are now alone.” Kelly declared, “You guys go, Matt and I will stay here and monitor your position throughout the building.”

            “Good idea, have fun you two.” Charlie said as he opened the door to the outside, it locked behind the squad.

            Their mics crackled, “Ok guys, testing the mics, can you hear me?” Matt asked.

            “10-4 Good buddy, go ‘head.” Luke answered.

            “Ok looks like the generators for the facility are about 1 click away to the North-East.”

            “Good, Charlie you wanna take this one?” Sarge asked.

            “Why not.” Charlie answered as he and his squad moved off towards the generator.

            “Sarge the Armory is one floor below… and well right below you.” Matt said

            “Ok, any way of getting down there?” Sarge asked.

            “Searching… ok we got a service elevator on the opposite wall.” Luke announced, they looked and there it was. The squad loaded up and Matt started the elevator.

            “Matt this is Charlie,” Charlie’s mic announced, “Do these generators happen to be in the facility at all?”

            “Yes I don’t know why they wouldn’t be.”

            “Well we’re looking downrange here and I’m not seeing anything.”

            “Hang on,” a flurry of typing was heard, “Ok, seems as though the generators are one floor above. You have some stairs to your right.” Matt announced.

            “So we do, thanks for that one, Charlie out.” His mic clicked and silence hung over the squad again, but the elevator stopped and the doors opened with a creak.

            The Armory was almost spotless; the ammunition was stacked in neat little crates and then placed in large racks all around the area. But the bodies that were floating were in disarray.

            “Kelly… I thought that the gravity was ok.” Luke said as he made his way out of the lift.

            “It should be…” typing was heard, “Darn it, it’s a security protocol for the armory floor. It’s there in case some ammo was being loaded or disarmed when the emergency happens. I suggest that we keep it there, for all we know there is something there that is being disarmed or such.” Kelly suggested.

            “Copy Kelly, don’t worry about the gravity, we’ll compensate over.” Sarge said, “Ok men, let’s plant these charges.” The squad dispersed and started to set blocks of demolition charges, blocks of 6 C-4 charges that are held together by adhesive tape… or duck tape.

            Tom set his charges by the tank rounds, some anti-personal, others anti-armor. Luke set his around the fuel canisters for the tanks and other vehicles that needed the vital fuel to run; Sarge set his around the enemy’s supply of grenades and missiles for the vehicle’s secondary weapons.

            “All set here; Charlie what’s up on your end?” Sarge said as the squad regrouped on him; they made their way to the lift. It started once they were on.

            “Same here, we got the charges planted; I don’t wanna be too close when these charges go off.” He responded. The lift creaked open again and the squad exited the lift, they saw Matt and Kelly exit the Environmental Room and make their way accost the floor to them. 3rd squad showed up a bit later and the squad exited the facility.

            One click away Rojas set the pick-up beacon and Luke and he pulled out the detonators for the charges.

            “On 3,” Luke suggested, “1…2…3! Boom.” Luke said, and with that they pushed the buttons and nothing happened.

            “Oh you have to be kidding me!” Matt exclaimed, the squad sat dumfounded at their predicament.

            “Defective charges!” Luke exclaimed; he and Rojas started to move towards the building when a small popping noise was heard.

            “Wait a minute!” Matt yelled, they stopped just in time as the building was then engulfed in a huge fireball and a loud explosion.

            “Ok that’s why I’m a demolition’s guy!” Luke exclaimed jumping up in the air. The squad cheered as the base went up in flames.

            “Sarge you had better have not been in the middle of that blast.” David said.

            “Negative Eagle Eye we’re ok, we need pick up to Breaker over.” Sarge replied happily.

            “No can do Sarge, 5th and 6th are getting hit hard over at that fortress. You’ll be diverting to there ASAP.” David ordered; a dropship appeared and the squad entered it.

            “You boy’s having fun?” The pilot, a female, asked

            “Too much, giddyup!” Luke answered; the ship’s engines flared to life and it took off.

The End

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