On the Kronotion world of Duras the air within the main command center was thick with anticipation as the top generals and military leaders gathered around a table discussing the war’s progress. But before the main points could be brought up by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces a messenger burst through the doorway with news of the fleet’s arrival.

            “General, sir,” the messenger began to say while catching his breath, “The fleet is coming out of hyperjump right now sir. We should have visual contact in about 2 minuets.” He finished with a salute.

            “Good, inform the spaceports to ready for casualties and damage, but with the intelligence report from the ground their space fleet shouldn’t have made a scratch on our units.” One of the many generals ordered to the messenger. And thank goodness for that, with our fleets spread out around about 13 planets we couldn’t spare any ships to help. He also thought.

            “Gentlemen,” The commander in chief, Karnos, said, “why don’t you come to the ship, it’ll take us up for a better view.” He said gesturing to a private yacht that had just landed in a small but adequate landing pad about 2 floors up.

            “Good idea, I want to personally inspect the ships myself just to see how they stood up to the fighting.” Admiral Shirmatra of the space fleet said happily. He knew his way around ships, a ship master for 13 years he had experiences in many a theater of battle, one that stood out was the first attack on Earth. The party of about 12 generals made their way to the turbolift as it took them up to the roof and they all settled in comfortably in the luxurious spacecraft. Made by a joint effort by the greatest minds in ship building design the craft could hold 2 squads of heavily armed guards and 12-13 other passengers while still holding an air of elegance while also armed with 2 anti fighter cannons. As they all settled down in the takeoff positions there was an air of not elegance but of anticipation and worry about how the mission went.

            “Maybe they were able to bring back one of their working fighters or cruisers so that we could implement it into our next group of ships.” Shimatra said with a smile.

            “It would benefit us indeed, but it also depends whether or not the ship has too much damage if it is brought along.” Vice Admiral Legora added.

            “Yes, yes, but for now we should prepare for the greeting of our grand space fleet.” Karnos said with a generous smile flashed back towards the sitting room where the other generals were seated, he preferred to be up in the cockpit with the pilot and co-pilot.

            “We should be seeing them right about now…” the pilot said with anticipation, and indeed a few seconds later purple wormholes popped open and spewed out what appeared to be ships about 9 kilometers to the right of them.

            “Pilot! Get on those ships.” Karnos ordered nicely. The pilot expertly maneuvered the craft to about 2 kilometers away from the fleet and then gasped.

            “What happened?” he asked in bewilderment.

            This is ship--3--56 requesting immediate----- Look out!!!” A voice on the radio yelled loudly though pauses because of static, then a large explosion rocked the ship as one of the surviving ship’s fusion engines imploded, just like the flagship, in a ball of purpilish/blueish flame.

            “What happened here?” Karnos asked looking at the ships in front of him “Are there any ships that survived the battle?” He then asked into the radio.

            This is ship 11243 reporting in, we have extensive ----amage and can’t sustain life ---- for very long need immediate assistance.” Another ship answered as it slowly made its way towards the planet.

            “Understood, someone get me ground control and tell them to use all their personnel in the air right now, also tell them we have numerous casualties.” Krarnos said as he frantically looked around for the surviving ships. Three hours later the surviving ship commanders, 5 out of the original 20 gathered around a small hologram of the planet Earth and discussed the battle with the Generals that were gathered around them listening and hanging on every single word that was said.

            We didn’t know where the enemy was at first but then,” One of the ship captains said, “They started to appear out of no where and started to unleash a volley at us, as we were caught unaware we didn’t prepare any defenses, they took out about 5-6 ships in the first volley alone, then started to open fire on the whole group, especially attacking the flagship and its surrounding cruisers. After two volleys of their cruisers, their fighters moved out and started to strafe our cannons so that we couldn’t use them, 3-4 of our ship were nothing but moving hulks without any armament what so ever they were so effective.” He finished.

            “Then what happened?” Shimatra asked

            “The enemy started to close in on us, they actually had the upper hand there because of the sneak attack had brought down some of our heaviest weaponry and they seemed to have some sort of new round that smashed into our ships and then exploded inside or at a certain distance. Then all communication was cut off as we lost contact with the flagship, then boom, it was gone.

            “Gone? How could this be?” Shimatra asked in disbelief.

            “Enemy boarders, they boarded the ship in the early bombardment, the enemy fire knocked out the anti-fighter cannons and the sensors so they, the flagship, would have to fight blind, that means with the sensors down you can’t tell if anyone is intruding or not. They got onto the ship, disabled it, captured the Generals present there and left, detonating the charges that they had on the ship.” Another captain said with a grim look on his face.

            “Commandos I bet, they have done this sort of thing in the past, why shouldn’t they do it now.” Shimatra said with a grimace. They also caused havoc behind our lines too, destroying supply depots and everything in the last war, he reminded himself.

            “No, regular infantry squads, one of our weapons specialists got a glimpse of their weaponry and informed his superiors, they had regular weaponry not customized.”

            “And what of the ground forces?” Marlorn, the Chief army general there asked.

            “They were exterminated; the enemy was fighting a two way fight during this whole thing. The air support from above could help the enemy below and the units on the ground could make any of our craft that were on the ground unable to help us.” Another captain replied sadly.

            “Sir, I believe that Earth is still as unattainable as it was in the past, they have repulsed us then and they have done it again.” Shimatra said.

            “No, Earth will not stop us from completing our mission of taking the Milky Way Galaxy, we will still fight, order the rebuilding of the ships and the army, I, this time, will go with the army.” Karnos said firmly. And that was that.

            Back on Earth, there was movement to try to get everyone to stop celebrating and get back to their training for their mission that was coming quickly.      

“I see you yahoos have made it back from your party,” Perconte said as he took as seat at a small briefing table, the guys did the same, “Ok, as the UN- official 9th Commandos you will now have to go through special training.”

            “Like how not to trip over boxes during an important mission?” Luke inquired with a smile.

            “Don’t push it. That box was trying to get me and the general I was escorting out of the fortress.” Matt replied jokingly.

            “Alright, what kind of training are we talking about?” Sarge asked quickly diverting everyone’s attention back to Perconte.

            “This training will include assassination, quiet infiltration, and other things that will help your, secret infiltration into the enemy home planet.” He replied quickly, “Your training starts in about 30 minutes get going.”

            “Yes sir!” came the reply as 2nd squad of the 9th commandos filed out the door to their awaiting training area.

            “They’re going to need the training.” Perconte said quietly to himself as he opened a manila envelope with the code word TOP SECRET EYES ONLY, on it.

            Half an hour 3rd and 2nd squads were assembled at the training area only to be greeted by what seemed to be a castle.

            “Is the castle the training area?” Rojas 3rd squad’s demo man said

            “If so, I need more C-4.” Luke said as he looked at the walls.

            “Ladies get in line!” a voice commanded. Everyone assembled got into line quickly as a Lieutenant stepped out of a building to everyone’s left side. “You are not here to admire the scenery ladies!” the Lieutenant screamed into the assemblage of troopers that were lined up behind a small yellow line. “Is this clear?” the lieutenant asked in a quieter voice.

            “Yes sir!” came the automatic reply from the troopers who had just about jumped out of their skins as the Lieutenant came to stop in front of them.

            “What you see here is close to a castle PFC. Rojas, it is your objective,” the Lieutenant said as he walked from end to end of the line, “your objective is to quietly infiltrate the castle, retrieve the documents, set explosives on the test samples, and if possible retrieve one of the samples and then exit the building. Those are your orders, now carry them out.”

            “Yes sir!” came the reply; again, as the squads filed off towards the sides of the building.

            “He did say quietly didn’t he?” Luke said as he rushed to the left corner of the building to check the side of it.

            “Clear, yep he did.” Matt replied as he looked around the corner and moved to a door near the middle of the wall.

            “Prepare to open and clear, Luke take a listen.” Sarge ordered.

            “I’m not hearing anything. It sounds clear.” Luke announced as he listened for any voices or noises that would denote enemy presence.

            “Open it.” Sarge then ordered. It was locked.

            “Allow me.” Tom said as he moved towards the door and with a quick movement with his Light Machinegun fired at the bolts that held the door in place, and the door fell with a small thud on the soft grassy ground in between the men and everyone rushed in to clear their makeshift entrance.

            “Clear,” Sarge announced as he looked around at the empty room, which turned out to be another servant’s entrance, just like the one before in the capital, “Charlie, what do you have?”

            “Absolutely nothing, we inserted on the roof and found nothing,” came the reply “we can see something that looks like an entrance into a basement though, it looks promising.”  He then said.

            “Oh, good when are you guys getting down here anyway?” Sarge asked.

            “Look up.” Came the simple reply, and as they looked up they saw 3rd squad repelling down from a semi smashed window near the roof.

            “Hehe, fun isn’t it?” Charlie asked his squad as they touched the ground.

            “Charlie, do you have that auto climb on your equipment?” Sarge asked.

            “Yes, why?” Charlie asked with a small smile on his face. He soon knew as Sarge pressed a small button that was on Charlie’s forearm, he, Charlie, flew up back towards the roof as Sarge had pressed the auto rise button, much to Charlie’s unhappiness.

            “Hush, I hear something.” Matt said gesturing towards the entrance into the basement and without any orders everyone dove for some cover trying to get out of sight. About a few seconds later the door opened to reveal 3 men as they came out what seemed to be a long hallway.

            “The project seems to be going smoothly,” the one in the middle said, “although, I am concerned about the security around here, it seems to be a bit light.”

            “He got that right.” Luke muttered into his comlink.

            “Alright, ambush on 3, don’t kill them just capture them.” Charlie said as he started his quiet decent towards the small group of men assembled below him.

            “3…” Matt said quietly.

            “2…” Luke followed up.

            “1… Go, go, go!” Charlie ordered as he flew down from the 3rd floor to try to land onto of a small observation deck a floor down from him. And swiftly, albeit quietly, 2nd and 3rd squads, minus Charlie, rose up and secured the prisoners.

            “What is this?” the one on the left side asked

            “Nothing you need to worry about.” Rojas said as he cuffed him.

            “Alright, 2nd move on.” Sarge said as he moved toward the door.

            “And stop!” the Lieutenant from before ordered, “Good show guys, minus the rappelling joke.” 

            “Um… thank you sir but we haven’t completed our other tasks yet.” Charlie said as he touched the first floor for the second time.

            “Oh forget those orders, you passed the test I had for you.”

            “And that was?” Luke said as he fired a rifle grenade into the door way only to have it bounce back at him making him and Rojas yelp and dive away, it didn’t explode.

            “Luke as you just found out, there is no hallway, all you had to do was to kill or capture the enemy without alerting them. And you did admirably.” The Lieutenant said.

            “Ok, well what now?” Charlie asked.

            “Come to the building I walked out of earlier, prisoners you may go now.” He also added.

            “Ok, charges planted, Kaboom.” Rojas said detonating a small C-4 charge back near the door as it came crashing down to Earth. They walked out a ways and found themselves moving up to the door into the facility the “LT” was no where in sight.

            “Alright ladies listen up,” The LT said on the comlink, “You passed the assassination and infiltration part, now you go through the destruction part.”

            “My favorite part.” Luke joked as he loaded another grenade into his grenade launcher.

            “Your orders are simple, move in without tripping the alarm, secure the facility, and detonate the samples; you also get bonus points for any personnel you capture and any samples too.” The LT said, “You may begin.”

            “Alright, open ‘er up.” Charlie said, Tom quietly opened the door just so much so that he could see into the room in front of him.

            “2 guards talking to the right, keycard needed to get on any further.” He announced closing the door slightly.

            “Alright, open it, toss a flash bang in the room and then clear.” Sarge said, 2nd stacked up against the door and readied themselves, Tom was at the front and was to throw the grenade in.

            “3...2…What comes after two Charlie?” Sarge asked as he opened the door, Tom threw in the grenade, heard it detonate and then rushed in and silenced the guards.

            “Clear!” Tom said to the others, they filed in and quietly closed the door.

            “Tom, check the next room, see what’s in there.” Sarge ordered, the others moved to cover, both solid and visual cover, Luke set up just behind Tom, behind a table that he and Rojas had overturned quietly. He searched through the guards uniforms and found the key card, hoping that it wouldn’t be loud when it accepted and opened the door, Tom swiped it. It opened just slightly without a single sound.

            Looking into the room beyond he saw 14 guards patrolling around the floor and about 2 manning a heavy machine gun, the building was a fortress inside of itself; He closed the door, again without a sound, and told the others.

            “Well, what do we do?” Rojas asked as he poked his head up from his table cover.

            “Luke, check the right door, see where that leads us.” Charlie said, gesturing to the door. He moved in a crouch and opened the door slightly and then closed it.

            “It’s a staircase sir.” Luke reported as he vaulted over the wooden makeshift barricade that was formally a table.

            “Alright then, class dismissed.” Matt said as he made his way over to the door and opened it, the others followed him inside. Once inside, the group made their way quietly up the stairs, making sure not to make any loud noises and up at the top, on the landing, was a guard that was staring at the door, thankfully not at the men, however they all rushed back down to the landing below them and formulated a plan.

            “Matt,” Sarge called, Matt made his way up to Sarge, “See if you can get that guy without alerting anyone.”

            “Sure thing boss.” He said as he made his way up to the landing again. All the guys below heard was a small, chink, and the small and very quiet thud of a man being helped to the ground.

            “Thank you Matt.” Sarge said as he led the quiet procession up the stairs and through the open door. “Alright, Luke your turn, take the turret at the top out.” Sarge said, “But only when I give the signal.”

            “Rojas help him out here.” Charlie said as the two rushed away to set up to take the turret out.

            “The rest of you set up to cover the floor.” Sarge said as they all rushed away, Tom set up behind a small square planter just beside the stairs. He saw his opposite Tim slide to the other planter just across from him.

            “3…2…1…. Hit ‘em.” Charlie said quietly, but all wasn’t quiet after “Hit ‘em” as the 9th Commandos fired all at once destroying the enemy targets. Tom saw a vial filled with samples of the thing they were to destroy and raced over to it and looked into it. There was a note inside of it; It read:


Good job 9th Commandos!

If you are reading this then you have completed the necessary training to become a commando unit. You will report back to Head Quarters at 16:00 hours. Dismissed.


General Perconte.


“Oh come on!” Rojas exclaimed with a laugh after he read the note, it was passed around.

            “I knew the mission was way too easy. Now I know why.” Luke said as he handed the note to Charlie who promptly tossed it into a trash bin.

            “Meeting adjourned.” Sarge said as he walked out the door, the rest of the group followed.


-16:00 hrs; Head Quarters for the 56th Infantry-


            The squad arrived almost on time; they entered the HQ’s briefing room at precisely 16:01 hrs, just one minute late… a record.

            “Gentlemen, take a seat,” Perconte suggested, members of different Special Forces units had taken seats around the room; once seated, Perconte continued, “Alright ladies and gentlemen, here’s your next operation: Operation Avalon,” He paused for a moment, and then continued, “Operation Avalon is the invasion of Kronotion territory.” That got the men’s attention, “Yes, you are the first force in history, official that is, to invade Kronotion territory. You will be taking gout key enemy positions and facilities around the first enemy planet named Alpha-Beta 1. General Garret will fill you in with more information.” He finished; General Garrett took over turning on an overhead.

            “The picture that you are seeing now men, is the main target,” A picture of a planet showed up on the screen, “Planet Alpha-Beta 1 is the first planet that we have been able to pinpoint accurately for our ships to make the jump,” Another picture, this time of a factory looking facility came up, “This is 2 and 3rd squad’s target, an enemy  Armor production facility; 1st and 4th’s is a small fortress on the outskirts of our landing sight,” Again another picture appeared, “5th and 6th get the enemy’s main fortress,” a picture of a well guarded fortress guarded by tanks, emplaced weapons and other weapons were easily seen, someone wanted for an attacker to know what they’re going up against, “You load up in 4 hours, Dismissed.” The men filed out.

            “2 squads of Special forces against an entire enemy fortress just by themselves with no support at all? Sounds like a suicide mission to me.” Luke declared to his compatriots.

            “2 of the best squads buddy, 5th and 6th are the best. They can do… just about anything.” Rojas said to him. They continued on to the armory to get their equipment.


21:00 hrs; GDF Breaker


            The squads, all 6 of them, bedded down in the troop quarters of the ship. They were ready for combat and ready to deal out some heavy payback. 2nd and 3rd squads were resting in their quarters.

            “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to hit ‘em hard.” Rojas said, he was laying down on his bunk, which was above Tom’s

            “Same here mano,” Luke agreed, “Those Krono’s need to learn what being invaded feels like.” At that moment the ship’s PA system kicked on.

            “All units this is General Garrett. We will be jumping in just a minuet now. Everyone get comfy.” The guys took to their bunks and laid down. A countdown timer was head over the ship’s Automated Alert System; 5…4…3…2…1… and right after one, the ship surged forward and disappeared.

            Operation Avalon had begun.

The End

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