It had been 3 days since the fall of the capital city of Narsurla. Tom, his squad, 1st squad and the anti armor battery had been on the run with the rest of the GDF army for all that time, only taking short stops for refueling at bases that had survived their attack. But for the whole army the feeling of hopelessness had started to slowly creep into their bunkers and positions.

            “Sarge? How much longer till we get to base 112? I’m real anxious to see what has survived.” Matt said

            “About 3 minutes from now and we’ll be able to see the base. About 2 minutes after that and we’ll be in the base.” Sarge replied. Base 112 was 1st and 2nd squad’s home base. Since their path which they were taking with the rest of the army went right through the base they decided to make a pit stop into the base.

            “Well I hope the armory has survived,” Luke began, “because I need some ammo for this gun.”

            “If you guys are looking for ammo there is one of those ammo storage units in the room right behind Luke. I believe that it works just the same as the full sized ones in your armory. Although, it can’t do as massive of an order as a full squad at one time. So be nice, and wait your turn.” Bill the driver said.

            “Ha! Score! I’m the closest one!” Luke declared “Mine!” But no sooner than had he said that two figures dropped down from the ceiling and one tackled him.          

            “What!” Luke exclaimed as the figure tackled him.

            “Matt get to the ammo quick!” Tom said quickly as he held Luke to the floor.

            “Got ya! Here, I got ammo for the both of us. Come on!” Matt quickly replied to the order, and as soon as the sneak attack began it was over.

            “Luke why are you lying on the floor?” Sarge asked.

            “I was ambushed sir, by two men.” Luke replied

            “Who ambushed you Luke? The enemy?” Sarge then questioned while looking around.

            “No sir, it was Matt and Tom. They came through that access way right above your head.” Luke answered

            “Matt, Tom! Get down here right now!” Sarge ordered quickly. But he didn’t expect what happened next. As 1st squad came rushing in to investigate the shouting, they were met with a perplexing sight. When Sarge looked up to the access way Luke tackled him. Then Matt and Tom flew down from the access way and dog piled on Sarge. Then to make matters worse for Sarge, who was at the bottom of the pile, 1st squad decided to pile on top of them. It then became a crazy melee of friends.

            After a while, 1st and 2nd squads got themselves untangled and started to laugh about their experience. Even Sarge who didn’t like to smile or joke was smiling and laughing with the rest of the men. I guess everyone has changed, Tom though, Sarge now laughs, Matt and I are pretty much brothers and Luke, well, he just is the guy who comes up with these great pranks. Tom smiled at the thought and then quietly crept back up to his position, and slowly but surely, the rest of the men did also.

            “Bill, how much further till we get to the base?” Tom asked.

            “About now you should see… Holy Cheese Nips!” Bill exclaimed.

            “Holy Cheese Nips?” Matt wondered. “What does the base have to do with… Oh crap.” 1st and 2nd squads were met with a disturbing sight. The base had been totally obliterated; a crater stood as a testament to the awesome scale of fire power it took to destroy the base.

            “Must have been an orbital bombardment,” Luke said, “nothing in the Kronotion armory on land could have produced such a level of fire.” The convoy of units behind 1st and 2nd squad stopped to have a look at what happened.

            “Squad let’s find out what happened.” Sarge ordered. As soon as 2nd squad was out of their bunker/transport, they immediately moved on to the base, or what was previously the base.

            “Wow, I can’t believe it, all this for one base? 115 didn’t get hit as hard as this.” Tom exclaimed quietly.

            “Hands up!” someone shouted.

            “What in heaven’s name?” Sarge wondered aloud.

            “I said hands up!” the voice said again. And suddenly a rifle barrel appeared in front of Sarge.

            “Hey wait!” another voice said, “This is 2nd squad. Don’t shoot!”

            “Sarge?” another voice asked.

            “Charlie? Where are you? I can’t see you anywhere.” Sarge replied, and just as suddenly as the rifle barrel appeared, 5 men appeared in front of the squad all wearing odd uniforms.

            “Charlie, what did I tell you about using your cloak to sneak up on me and my men? You know what happened last time.” Sarge chortled.

            “Yeah, I had a pistol barrel staring me in the face at 12 o’clock at night.” Charlie replied.

            “It’s good to see you.” Sarge said quickly.

            “Feeling’s mutual.” Charlie replied.

            “This must be 3rd squad.” Matt said quietly into Tom’s ear. 3rd squad? The elite 3rd squad? Tom wondered. 3rd squad had decided about 2 months ago that they would sign up for a program that would allow units to traverse the battlefield un-noticed. It turned out that it was a program that was testing a personal cloaking device for battlefield purposes, and it seemed to work beautifully.

            “Charlie, what happened here?” Sarge asked

            “Our friends brought a new weapon into play. Some big cannon blew a hole right through the gate and then boom! Nothing survived except for the armory. 4th squad and we were saved only by hiding in the forest taking pot shots at the enemy.” Charlie replied.

            “Where’s 4th squad?” Luke asked.

            “Over in the woods by a little command post we set up. We got all we could get out before the base was obliterated.” One of 3rd squad’s riflemen said.

            “Ok, so what did you guys get.” Sarge then asked

            “2 medium turrets that were sitting in a corner, 2 of those medium auto resupply crates they have in the armory, a scout vehicle, I don’t know how we got that out, 2 auto med kits, they work wonders the doc told me, rifles, sniper rifles other assorted weapons and one of those food dispenser things that the mess hall uses. That’s pretty much it.” Charlie replied

            “Wow, looks like you guys have a small base going then.” Matt said.

            “Do you wanna see it? It’s getting pretty late; your bunkers could engage their cloaks and bed down for the night.” Charlie offered.

            “Son that’s a great idea.” General Perconte said suddenly appearing beside Matt and Tom, who then just about jumped out of their skin.

            “General, is it alright if we bed down here for the night? Our destination is not that far away. Sir.” Sarge asked.

            “Permission granted sergeant. I’ll tell the rest of the convoy about our change of plans.” Perconte replied.

            “Well, where is this camp that you’re talking about?” Tom asked

            “Just over to your right and about 200 ft in the forest; gives us a bit of natural concealment and cover from the enemy air and ground patrols.” Charlie replied happily.

            “Ok, listen up,” Perconte said over the coms, “Everyone’s bedding down here tonight. No exceptions. We’re moving on in the morning to base 12. Until then, get some sleep.” Everyone, appreciated the order and immediately sat down and slept.

The End

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