Operation Rising Freedom

On the planet of Thyrista, Tomas Malar and his squad of GDF troopers are carrying out a regular training excercise when all chaos breaks loose. An old enemy returns, but can Tom and his friends survive the return?

It was a nice bright and cool mid summers day on the planet of Thyrista. The t’kil flower was in bloom which sent a sweet scent wafting over the meadow. It was a clear day, no clouds at all, but then suddenly a large shadow appeared. Not just one shadow but 2 no 5. But as the picnickers in the nearby park look to the sky, their cries of surprise are droned out by the roar of the fusion coils. They are here, they have returned.

                Thomas Malar was like any other Global Defense Force recruit. About 6’ 1”, 194 lbs and legs built for running he was a good choice to carry his squad’s light machine gun. Ever since his father, the legendary Jonas Malar, had come home from the 1st Great War as a hero, Thomas had strived to become just like his father a hero.

                “Private!” His squad leader roared, “How are we supposed to defend this position if our automatic gunner’s head is in la la land?” But first, Tom thought, I have to get past Sarge.

                “Come on Tom you’d better move it or else you’ll miss your chance to catch some targets.” His assistant gunner Joel said quickly. The “ targets” that Joel had been talking about were the members of 3rd and 4th squads. Not real actual enemy targets.

                “ Ok, ok I’m coming, this time don’t start shooting at me like last time.” Tom joked. It was a standing joke with the platoon. Last time when they did this kind of training 2nd squad had mistaken Tom for an enemy and shortly after, Tom was found to have 57 simulation bullets in him.

                “Red Team, Blue Team you are now clear for war games. Attack and Defend at will gentlemen.” The Company’s CO said over the comlink.

                “Ok squad prepare to…” but 1st squad's squad leader’s transmission was cut short by an immense amount of static.

                “Stupid equipment!” roared Sarge “Never works when you need it to! John, go to command and tell them our coms have been cut.” He then ordered.

                “I’m on it!” John quickly replied as he set out. But as he rose from his foxhole and started on his way to the CP he was then felled by a torrent of weapons fire.

                “Wow,” exclaimed Luke, the squad’s grenadier “I didn’t know that our Light Machine Guns had that kind of accuracy.”

                “Hey look!” Matt, the squad’s sniper said, “The Blue team has dressed up in Kronotion armor." Everyone looked at this odd sight, "That’s odd… Hey does 3rd and 4th squad usually carry Kronotion weapons as well?” He then asked.

                “2nd squad this is… coming under fire from…. Came out of nowhere…. 2 men down….LOOK OUT!” and then 1st squad’s sniper’s transmission was cut short by an explosion.

                “What is going on here? No one authorized explosives! What are 3rd and 4th squads doing!?” Sarge asked in wonder.

                “I don’t think that that is 3rd or 4th squad sir.” Tom said

                “Don’t be silly if there were Kronotion infantry here we would have been alerted by command.” Sarge fired back.

                “ All units red alert! Kronotion infantry and armor spotted near the training ground all battle groups to your stations. This is not a drill!” Their CO said hastily.

                “Oh… Well what are you waiting for fire at them fire!!” Sarge ordered. But Sarge forgot one thing, they were firing blank bullets fillet with paint. Not filled with actual ammunition.

                “Sir we don’t even have any bullets to fire with! We need to fall back and resupply on actual ammunition! Firing at them now will only get us killed.” Matt said.

                “Agreed fall back to the Armory and resupply on ammunition!” Sarge barked and with expert precision the squad, after receiving orders, quickly ran into a full sprint back into the base where they were met with an odd sight.

                Men in all kinds of clothing were rushing to their defensive positions, others sprinting out of the armory, command center, barracks and just about everywhere to man their turrets or find their squad. So in all the confusion the only complete squad, minus one rifleman killed, John, was trying to do the most simplest of things. Get to the supply area. This was not an easy task because of all the people, armor, and supplies moving in a crazy pattern.

“So this is what combat is like,” Tom thought, “everyone running around like mice trying to do the simplest of things such as to get their squad together or to get armor and supplies to the front.” But before he could add another thought to the torrent of questions that were swimming rapidly in his head, he was brought back to the real word by a door flying right into his face.

“Why does this door always stick?” Sarge questioned “Tom stop standing there rubbing your head like an idiot and get in here!” He then quickly ordered. But getting in the door was an easy task but because of the confusion that had swept all over the area the armory was obviously affected.

“Squad 5 over here!” a man near the front of the building yelled

“Squad 7 over here!” a tall person in the explosive section ordered

“Tank crew 112 get over here!” someone in a white tanktop and tank helmet screamed. So the armory to some of the squad leaders had turned into the organization area for their squads, not an area where much needed ammunition was to be found and distributed. But even with the mass of men and material moving around at the same time squad 2 somehow got to the main desk with ease.

“I need ammo for a riflemen, 1 assault gunner, a sniper and a grenadier now.” Sarge told the quarter master.

“Ok, will be right with ya.” And suddenly as he said that the box on Matt’s right side filled up with ammunition as if it came out of nowhere.

“Alright squad load up on ammo and meet outside for further instructions.” Sarge told his squad calmly.

“Now the fun begins. We get to have some pay back for John.” Luke, one of the other riflemen, said enthusiastically. As soon as the squad, this time with a bit less difficulty, extracted themselves from the armory Sarge was waiting for them with instructions.

“Ok guys gather round.” He said, “The enemy is pushing our forces that have deployed already to the limit. Our right and left flanks are holding but our center is the weakest. The Kronotions seem to think that if they can bash though our center that they will have a straight shot at our CP. Unfortunately for us that is true. The roads leading into the base are chock full of troops and material that are moving towards the front, Command wants us to hold the center until the units at Stations 113, 117 and our guys in the middle can respond. So we are going right straight back to where we where before all this started.  So in other words, let’s get going.”

“But how Sarge? All the trucks are being used for ammo carrying and wounded transportation. Unless you have a way of getting us there through the mess in the middle I don’t see how we can do it that quickly.” Matt questioned.

“Good question, two of our light tanks are going exactly where we are so we are just going to hitch a ride on them and also use them as support for our defense.” Sarge quickly answered “And speak of the devil there they are.” There was no short of amazement on how Sarge had so quickly set up everything, from getting them in the armory to the tank support. There was more to Sarge than meets the eye they all thought.

“ We heard you guys might need a lift, care to join us?” one of the tank commanders asked.

“That would be appreciated, thanks.” Sarge said quickly while also climbing on the tank.

“Hey Matt,” Luke said,” this is pretty awesome. First the quick ammo supply and now two tanks! What more could we ask for?”

“Maybe why the Kronotions are attacking us in the first place. It’s been 20 years since we’ve heard anything more than a whisper from them.” He answered.

“Alright you got me there. Hey looks like we’re moving! Come on guys let’s see what this baby can do!” Luke replied. Tom figured that at this rate all they’re going to get is a full length discussion by Matt and Luke over everything, which they did regularly. But as everything had been going on today, the drive to the front was quick and fast.

“Alright come on guys our defense post is just over there.” Sarge said hurriedly “so get your behinds off the tank now!”

“Wow Sarge seems madder than we give him credit for.” Matt told Tom quietly

“Yeah, no kidding, I wonder if it’s because of the sneak attack. No can’t be that. I know, it must be he doesn’t want us to get too comfy on the tanks.” Tom replied.

“If I wanted you to get comfy anywhere then I want you to get comfy with your foxhole private! So move!” Sarge ordered. But as soon as the squad and the tanks were in their defensive positions the enemy attacked. It was unlike any kind of attack Tom had ever seen. The Konotion Infantry was comprised of three basic units. The Ur’tal as they were known were of medium build about 5 feet tall and usually traveled in groups of 2 or 3, but to deal with them quickly you needed to take out the leaders of the pack. Next came the Mai’Shon these guys were usually the leaders of the pack, usually supported by 3 or 4 Ur’tal. If you took out the Mai’Shon however, the Ur’tal usually fled or tried a suicide attack on the enemy. But the most feared of all the Kronotion infantry, know at this time, were the Ra’sirla these creatures were the elite units that usually came into play if something was of the upmost importance to the Kronotion leaders. Some carried odd weapons as long as a person’s arm that  fired thin lines of energy cutting into an opponent, some carried a big grenade launcher that could fire about 6-7 rounds before having to reload. But the weapons that were the most fearsome were the ones that if you saw you usually never were able to tell about. These weapons were cumbersome but if wielded right you could smash a hole right through a starship. The Global Defense Intelligence thought that only Ra’sirla Chieftains, which were the highest rank of them, could wield them.

As the Kronotions approached the squad’s position one of the Rasirla climbed onto an overturned scout vehicle and gave a war cry that lasted for about a minute. But it was then cut short by a sniper round strait into the forehead. Or what was thought to be the forehead.

“Ha! Told that one what I can do with a sniper rifle!” Matt exclaimed energetically.

“Well while we’re at it, all units fire!” Sarge ordered with an air of excitement. And as soon as the order was given out the floodgates of 2nd squad were unleashed putting a stop to all the enemy’s advances.

“Matt! Take out the leaders and direct fire for the tanks! Tom hit the little guys first and then the others. I don’t want to see any Kronotion’s getting within 10ft of our line! Luke, use your grenade launcher against any of the Kronotions who get to comfy charging in a close pack. Let’s put the fire on them guys!” Sarge ordered energetically.

Wave after wave of Kronotion infantry tried and failed to clear the only squad on the line which was pouring massive amounts of fire on them. Unfortunately they were running out of one thing, ammo. But help wasn’t far.

“Squad 2 do you copy? Squad 2 do you copy? Over?” A voice on the comlink asked.

“Squad 2 here. Who is this?” Sarge questioned.

“Squadron 138 of the 12th Hornets. How may I help?”

“First we need ammo, second there is some Kronotion armor just beyond the tree line. See what you can do to welcome them to Yarlarm.” Sarge answered.

“Will do, just wait about one or two seconds whilst we get over there.” The squadron commander said.

“You heard the man squad. Hold out for about 30 seconds and we can get back to base.” Sarge ordered.

“Hey Tom? You got any spare rifle ammo? I’m running low.” Luke asked.

“Sure bud. Here you….” Tom began to answer.

But before the transaction could be made, an object flew into Tom’s view.

“GRENADE!” someone yelled, but it was too late, before Tom could fully cover himself he was blasted back 10ft and landed hard on the ground. The last thing he remembered was the squad firing haphazardly into a wave of oncoming Kronotions and Matt rushing to his side. Then he blacked out.

The End

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