Operation Birdsong: Part SixteenMature

Trey ran his hand through his hair. He still couldn’t believe he’d finally kissed her. He’d loved her ever since he’d helped rescue her from the pit. He’d been devastated when he couldn’t find her again. Years had been wasted because he hadn’t known she’d lived just four blocks away. During Birdsong, he had learned quickly that life was too short to not show affection. That lesson had been most painfully taught when his dad was diagnosed with stage four heart cancer after Trey was released from the hospital. The night his dad died, he’d promised himself that he wasn’t going to waste time anymore. He looked down at their intertwined fingers and smiled. In the dim lights, she could still see him well enough to return his smile.

            “So what’s the final verdict?” Venitia asked, rubbing the pad of her thumb against the side of her phone.

            “We’ll train,” Ren said, turning her gaze to the other woman. “And fight, if necessary. Just provide us the area and the tools, and we’ll do what we can.”

            Venitia nodded and quickly typed an email.

            Kathy looked at her niece. “Ren, are you sure you want to do this?

            Ren nodded. “I need to. I need to prove to myself that I can do more, that I can be more than what Fagin reduced me to. I can do this.”

            Kathy nodded, an upset look on her face.

            “We’ll be behind you, every step of the way,” Tim said with a smile.

            Ren released Trey’s hand and stepped forward to hug her uncle.

            “So you’re both going to help?” Venitia asked, sidling up to her brother.

            Trey nodded, not taking his eyes off the grim smile on Ren’s face. “Come what may,” he replied, crossing his arms.

            “Come what may,” his sister repeated.


The End

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