Operation Birdsong: Part EightMature

Ren paced the hallway upstairs. After she’d been released from the hospital, her aunt and uncle had completely redone the third floor of their spacious modern home to accommodate her disability.

            “Disability,” she muttered. “I would be fine if it weren’t for my nightmares. Everything else can be worked around.”

            She sighed and leaned against the wall, pushing her legs out in front of her. Even in the dark, she could still see the gemstone studs against the edges of her leather pants. She moved her feet and the wooden heels of her boots tapped against the tile floor. She leaned her head back against the wall behind her and closed her eyes.

            There were screams and sounds of people running. She could hear bombs going off, and gunshots ringing through the building. There were shadows of people passing over her in the pit.

            “Help!” she screamed. “I’m down here! Somebody help me!” Tears streamed down her face as she tried in vain to climb up the steep, slick walls. “Help me!”

            Her cries woke the snakes, and they began to hiss and slither toward her. Spiders crept along the wall to her. She screamed again, hoping, praying that someone would hear her and come to her aid.

            A shadow, smaller than the others, stopped above the pit. “Ren?”

            “Tracey?” she asked hopefully. “Is that you?”

            “I’m here to get you out,” he told her. “I have friends with me. They’ll help you.”

            “Watch out for the snakes!” she cried as two SEALS lifted the heavy metal grate from above her. “They’ll kill you!”

            “Hold your breath,” one of them commanded as he threw a smoke grenade down. Ren did as commanded and watched as the smoke sent the snakes scattering. She cried with relief as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her from the hole.

            “Ren! Are you okay? You didn’t get bit anymore, right?” a younger Tray asked, checking over her body for any new signs of bites.

            She shook her head and curled up tighter against her savior’s chest.

            “We have the girl from the pit. She needs immediate medical attention. Over.” the other SEAL radioed in.

            A voice crackled over a reply, but Ren couldn’t make it out. The world in front of her began to grow brighter and brighter until everything was pure, blinding white.

            “I can’t see,” she said in horror. “Tracey, I can’t see anything!” She continued to scream in terror at her lost sight before she finally blacked out.


The End

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