Operation Birdsong: Part FiveMature

After Tray and Ren were done talking to Dr. Franks, the clouds had cleared and bright sunlight was shining down.

            “So is your eyesight still the same it used to be?” Tray asked as he led her outside.

            She nodded. “I’m literally blind in this light.”

            “Is anyone coming to pick you up?” he asked with concern.

            “My aunt’s store is down the street. I can always call her and ask her to walk with me.”

            “That’s not happening,” Tray said as he shook his head. “I’ll walk you to her store. Which one is it?”

            “The Silver Wolf Boutique. It should be three stores down from here.”

            Tray laughed. “Are you always this observant with this kind of stuff?”

            “Only if I know I’ll be by myself, just to make sure I’ll be okay if the light gets too bright,” Ren replied.

            “Have you ever thought about a seeing eye dog?” Tray asked as they started walking down the sidewalk.

            “We tried to get one, but my relapses have no warning, so the dog can’t help me if I have another flashback while I’m walking down the street.”

            “So there’s no hope for you?” he asked with a laugh.

            Ren shook her head. “I don’t like the feeling.”

            “Feeling of what?”

            “Knowing that there’s light and I can’t see it,” she answered wistfully. “You’re really lucky to still be able to see in daylight.”

            “So do you keep your house dark so you can see?”

            “There’s no lights in my room, and I’ve got blinds that don’t let in any light covered in black curtains. The entire third floor of the house is mine, and there’s almost no lights in it at all. Everywhere else, there’s normal lighting when needed. My aunt and uncle have been really great about this whole thing, sacrificing a lot for me to be happy.”

            “Sounds better than living with your sister in case you have a relapse,” Tray said as they stopped at the Silver Wolf Boutique. “And here we are, your aunt’s store.”

            “Thanks, Tray. It was really good to see you again,” Ren said as she gave him a hug.

            “You mean until we walked outside,” he said as he hugged her back.

            Ren laughed. “You should stay in touch this time, that way we have someone to talk to who really understands everything if we have another relapse.”

            “Sounds good to me,” Tray said. “Do you have a phone, or can you not see it because of the light?”

            “I have one,” she said as she pulled it out of her pocket. “Uncle Tim works high up in a cell phone company, and they made one that I can use,” she continued as she handed it to him.

            The phone had a black light under the screen, and brail on the keypad. Tray gently took it from her and punched in his number, then handed it back to her. Ren smiled and reached for the handle on the door, but it wasn’t there. Her smile fell and she ran her hand down the side of the frame to find it. Tray took her hand and moved it to the other side of the door.

                “Thanks,” Ren said, feeling her cheeks color with embarrassment.

                “You’re welcome,” Tray said, still watching her as she walked in. She started talking with a tall, slender woman he assumed was her aunt. He sighed, then turned and started walking back to his sister’s house. 

The End

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