Opening Your EyesMature

When David and his family arrive at the hotel they plan to spend their summer in, it soon becomes apparant that someone has other plans. The appearance of the beautiful yet mysterious Elvira catalyses a full-throttle chain of events that leaves David's parents dead, his former life in ruins and the world at the mercy of seemingly not-so-human Elvira ...

The Origin, High Trial Centre

Red Sun Mid-Season

''How many has she killed so far?''

''Three hundred and twelve, all defeated, all within minutes of commencation''

The tall female nodded. This one was certainly promising, and it was not often that The High Trial Centre got theese things wrong. She regarded the teenage female standing behind the mirrored screen, she could not see them. She was young, only a teenager at one hundred and seventy years of age, but strong and clearly already well acomplished. Still, it would be advisable to see this youngster in action before comissioning her for real war.

''Show me, but match her against a fully-grown adult.''

The male beside her nodded, and left the small observation room, to make the necessary arrangements. Inside the combat chamber the young female still stood imobile, entirely unmoving. Her eyes stared voidly ahead of her, completely black, like someone had hacked off the top of her head and filled it up with ink. Without warning, the doors to the combat chamber opened, and a fully-grown male, three times the size of the female wand wearing a matching unisex, training uniform, crashed into the room. His eyes were equally black, the colour of death, and he plunged towards the small female, unblinkingly. He cleared the room within seconds and his lips twisted into a grin of pure thrill as he approached her. The elder feamle in the observation room recognised the feeling, it had been drilled into every one of them almost from birth, the sheer thrill of making a kill, of terror and violence.

The heavy male reached the young one, and with the expert flick of his wrists, he sent an enslaught of death spells, a rich diversity of death, streaming towards her. He smiled as she was engulfed, consumed, by the thick black liquid smoke of the death trails. She had shown no resistance at all. The elder feamle frowned. The girl was weak ! She had not even resisted ! There was a crack from within the chamber. The gigantic male lay dead upon he chamber floor. The young girl stood over him, expressionless. She had used a single death spell, and its tiny trail lingered upon the back of his neck, where she had touched him. The female turned, and regarded the elder in the observation room, melting the mirrored glass with a casual flick of her wrist.


The End

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