Open your eyes

The world is a beautiful place
If you just open your eyes and look
There are so many things that surround you.
Beauty in the sky, the streets, a book.

Look up.
Look down.
Look ahead.
Look around....

It's everywhere.

If you just see...
Laugh, express and touch
Smile the smiles
and don't be afraid to love too much.

If you can't see beyond
The flaws of everyday,
And the past is making
Your future grey

Then just close your eyes
And remember-
Those who don't matter, mind.
Those who don't mind, matter.

Be you.
Be unique.
Be beautiful.
If you don't love yourself, then how can anyone else?
Learn to relax, to treat yourself.

Never give up.
Loves you for who you are.
So promise yourself
That when they show themselves
Leave the door ajar.

The End

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