Chapter Forty

 reply went like this;

Amille Trent,

you wish to kill me, it makes you as satanic as I am. Though in this letter you
will dismiss many things I say as blasphemous I would like you to hear me out.
Your god would forgive murderers, thieves, criminals and any other ‘sinner’
with a few words. If judges still acted in that manner (which they never will,
thankfully) then we would live in a world where people are beaten black and
blue, jeered at, stabbed and raped every time they step outside the door and
the culprits forgiven in a heartbeat and let loose to do it all again. Is that
really the society you want to live in? A few confessional prayers won’t stop a
murderer from killing again and I of all people should know that.

Secondly, the two girls,
Luella and Arianna who I killed were not ‘proper, god-fearing people. They
tortured and scarred me with their torment for weeks, then think they get away
with it if they’re sure to say a nice prayer! Do you think you want to live in
a world like that????

Thirdly, when you murder
someone it’s a clean break, you take away their life, not scar it like I was
scarred by their torment.

Fourthly, if you’re so
well-up on your religion, then didn’t your god accept all people? The teachers
at my school wanted everyone to be the same, no matter what they had to do to
achieve that.

I think blind faith is a
very dangerous thing, it doesn’t let us make our own decisions about things.

But you enjoy your state
of total and utter enlightenment and I will enjoy my place in the dirt.

Malory Whitebled

There was an address on the letter so Malory sent one
back. They had a major emphasis on replying to your post at the institution.


The End

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