Chapter Thirty-Eight


overly eventful happened until she was requested to swear to tell the truth, on
the heavy, red, leather-bound bible.

picked it up and felt as if the fingerprints of other criminals that had held
that bible were sinking into her skin, staining it like tattoo-ink.

opened the bible on the middle pages and began ripping out the pages lined with
word and verse she loathed so deeply.

pages floated through the cold, tense, frost-like air of the room like
yellow-white butterflies.

felt the same sense of euphoria she’d felt when she’d killed Luella, except
without the sick feeling from lack of guilt. This time it was just pure

was dragged off straight away. The unfair, half-thought-out verdict was that
she should be sent to a young-person’s mental-home.

was allowed to collect her belongings before being driven there.  Rayanna promised to try and write to her. Her
parents muttered that they’d make sure the rest of her things were sent there.

knew that they wouldn’t be visiting her.

The End

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