Chapter Thirty-Seven


the next morning Malory was taken to show a couple of members where she’d
killed Luella and the barn. She also showed them the place where she’d killed
Ms. Dahmer before taking her to the barn. When told to give a detailed report
of how, when, where and why she’d murdered them she was almost co-operative.
She didn’t care what they did to her.


she was let back in her cell with Rayanna she told her any details she might
have skipped the night before and Rayanna did likewise. They vowed to keep in
touch if Malory was sent to a different prison.

one felt understood for the first time.

the day of Malory’s court-appearance came, she knew that she too was dead to
her parents.

she walked into the courtroom she didn’t really feel anything. Everyone else
was of the opinion that she looked cold, damp and distant. The expression in
her eyes was as if she was on another planet, one of ice and rain where she was
the only living thing. Her hair was once again a protective curtain, though the
ends were still wet from her shower and the rain outside. There were new scars
and cuts on her wrists, done, like Rayanna’s past cellmate, by tooth and claw.

The End

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