Chapter Thirty-Six

I see why we were put in a cell together. They probably though ‘two murderers,
both teenage girls. They’ll confide in each other, regret it and they’ll both
be dead by tonight. We say they topped themselves and we’ve another cell to
lock the mad, bad and dangerous in. perfect!’ ‘Cause I had to share with a
woman who killed her children a few months ago. She kept scraping and biting
her wrist until she cut herself and bled to death. They knew it was a suicide
but made me mop up the blood!”

told Malory.

suppose I should tell you how I ended up here. My stepfather killed my mother
when I was twelve. My sister, she was six at the time, kept threatening to
tell. He’d killed her right in front of us and said we’d be next if we told
anyone. We felt so scared all the time. So one night I tried to kill him. I put
a knife through his chest; the gun cabinet was locked. He lived long enough to
call 999 though we tried to get his phone away from him. My sister was adopted
by another family but I was arrested. My father told me if I got out of prison
before I turned eighteen I’d be fostered out to another family. I’m dead to

told her sad story as quickly and simply as she could.

I’ve told you mine, can you tell me yours?”

then asked Malory with a sad smile.

when I went into secondary school they didn’t like that I was different. The
rest were like clones, even the ones I was friends with. The school were strict,
catholic, “god”-fearing people. They liked everyone to be the same, no
non-believers, nobody who had a different way of looking at things. They had a
fixed idea of normal and anyone outside that box was a threat. I thought
differently and I’m sure if you sat some people down and asked if they believed
what we were told at that school they’d say no. It was easier for them to say
that they believe to avoid having to use their own minds. So one day in a free
class I drew a burning cross, like that on I drew on the wall, and wrote “I
don’t believe your lies” on it. My science teacher Ms. Dahmer was supervising
the class. She wanted to see what I was drawing. I started drawing flowers on a
clear page. I knew that the cross was going to get me into trouble. It was too
late, she saw it, and to make a long story short, I ended up being forced to go
to counselling. They had to call in specialists and everything. I was
completely driven over the edge. First I killed the girl who bullied me the
most, Luella. Then a week or two later, Ms. Dahmer. Then my ex-best friend
Arianna and at last my counsellor Amaryllis. I won’t go into details tonight
but if you really want to know then I’ll tell you another time. Tomorrow I have
to show them the barn where I killed them and kept the bodies, and the exact
spot where I killed Luella, and tell them in detail how I did it.”

had almost enjoyed telling someone who understood about her reason for killing,
what had made her do it, her anger and her victim’s places in her life.

The End

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