Chapter Thirty-Four

was patient and didn’t mind Malory’s constant requests to see it. It was quite
hard to imagine what she’d done to get herself locked up.

suppressed the urge to ask.

also reassured Malory that if her trial was delayed for very long or if they
decided she was to stay at that particular prison then they’d allow her to
bring in a box of belongings.

was a poster on the wall that Rayanna had put up. Malory couldn’t tell who the
guy in the poster was but she knew she wouldn’t mind staring at him for a few

I-pod and charger were what passed the time best. At least a few hours every
day (and the days blurred together horribly, without the clock and calendar on
the I-pod they wouldn’t have been able to tell how long they were in there for)
were spent listening to music.

was glad that at least three-quarters of the contents was rock and heavy-metal
but when all that had been listened to they would listen to the pop music and
dance remixes, even though neither of them were as fond of these.

The End

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