Chapter Thirty-Three

would be hell and she’d be watched like a hawk but home would be worse. Her
parents would be scared and ashamed of her, disown her, maybe even put her up
for adoption. They’d been bad enough when she’d needed counselling. When they
went out she’d be left at home. They tried to avoid bringing her to visit her
relatives when they went to visit them. It had been hard.

was an understatement.

she just wanted to be locked away like a dog that was too aggressive to be

she wanted the fate of one too; to be put down, euthanasia to end her mind’s

cellmate was, thankfully, quite bearable. She was a nineteen-year-old girl by
the name of Rayanna. She had long, brown hair with red streaks, a ruby stud in
her nose with matching ruby studs through four parts of each ear, big
brown-green eyes, a tall sinewy build and a tattoo of the sun on one wrist.

noticed that the tattoo was covering up the two long scars.

knew how these scars had happened but didn’t like to bring it up.

sun the tattoo depicted had a face with outlined long-lashed eyes and red lips
with a ring through the lower-lip. Malory loved to look at it.

The End

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