Chapter Thirty-Two

of carefully constructed planning and evenings spent stabbing and strangling
had all been squandered away in that one conversational confession.

policeman tried to mask his shock but he was reasonably new to the job. Some of
the older policemen and policewomen wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at the
terrible but calmly confessed revelations but he felt as if he would scream. It
was if all evil had been caught up in this one young girl.

held her scarred wrists out for handcuffs without even being told to.

mother was called from the next room and sat down to listen to Malory’s

fainted dead away.

was taken to prison to wait for a trial. It was either juvy, a detention centre
or the madhouse, she knew that. She remembered episodes of ‘Banged up Abroad,’
‘Four Weddings and an Execution’ and ‘The World’s Worst Prisons’ that she’d
watched when her mum and dad went out. She wondered if anything she’d done
would be considered a crime of passion.

she want to be let off?

The End

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