Chapter Thirty

packed the dog-food, bowl, collar, leash and all the rest into her school bag,
put out the candles, cleaned herself up and went home. Wolf had to do without a
leash on that particular journey, as she needed her parents to believe that
she’d just found him.

knife was staying at the barn.

home to an empty house was beginning to be a reoccurring event but Malory
didn’t mind. By the time her parents came home she was cleaned up properly and
ready to discuss Wolf with them.

discussion was needed. They let her keep Wolf.

spent the next fortnight ignoring news bulletins about different
‘disappearances,’ not having to go to counselling and dedicating all her
attention towards fully training Wolf.

one day Malory’s world of newfound normality was apocalypsed.

policeman showed up at the door.

The End

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