Chapter Twenty-Eight



From: MaloryDoN’

Subject: EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!


Amaryllis, it’s Malory Whitebled
here, I need you to meet me at Lushgreen Park tomorrow at five-o-clock. I need
to talk to you urgently. I will tell you about it whenever I see you. Please
delete this E-mail, but don’t worry, I’ve told my parents about it already but
you must delete this E-mail for my safety and yours.

Thank you,



do believe I’m getting good at this!”

muttered as she pressed send and went back to bed.

woke up an hour early the next morning, not that she’d slept much. There had
been a prompt reply from Amaryllis, confirming that she’d show up. Malory
changed her E-mail address back to its original address and got ready for
school. She had to bring a plastic bag in her schoolbag with her knife in it.
She still had her spare clothes at the barn.

planned to meet up with Amaryllis in the park before taking her to the barn
where she would kill her.

was glad that it was Friday at last and she was sure this would be her last
murder for a while.

school she met Amaryllis in Lushgreen Park the place was full but that didn’t
really matter.

The End

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