Chapter Twenty-Seven


the next day was a blur of plotting how Amaryllis should die. It was going to
be her very hardest challenge, though Amaryllis's weakness was her willingness
to help others. There was something different about Amaryllis from the usual
counsellors. She really seemed to care.

could be a façade to get Malory to ditch her wary ways and conform to the ways
of other ‘depressed, manic, e.t.c’ people.


was late that night when the idea for Amaryllis’s death struck Malory in a
dream. She’d gone to sleep quickly that night, once she’d went to the barn to
feed Wolf (then made him practice his flesh-hunting for twenty minutes), eaten
her dinner (then thrown it up afterwards deliberately – needless to say) and
done her homework.

had woken up after a vivid dream and began devising a plan similar to Ms.
Dahmer’s death.

she needed was to get into the contacts-list of her mum’s I-phone via
Bluetooth. It would be listed in one of the elaborate profiles that her mum was
practically religious about keeping.

she retrieved the file that very night using Bluetooth. Malory switched on her
laptop and changed her E-mail address and began to compose a fake E-mail to

The End

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