Chapter Twenty-Five

she watched the sickening high-school comedy with its extremely unrealistic
accounts of a student’s life (following, of course, the most ‘popular’ kid),
flogging-a-dead-but-living-horse stereotypical characters and
‘all-American/English/Irish/Saudi Arabian’ cheerleaders and football stars. You
basically had your blonde, perky cheerleader, your good-looking sports-star,
your poor geeky science-nerd-chess-club girl with her oversized glasses and
book about nuclear physics. It almost made Malory sick to watch. As if any high
school was really like that. The ‘popular-kids’ were either dyed-blonde or
blonde dyed some other colour, not naturally beautiful. You had your
sports-star that were always on detention and smoked down at the school gates
after school, not practising dedicatedly for hours and hours. And any
self-respecting science-lover-chess-club sort of student wore contacts if they
couldn’t see right and didn’t care what the ‘populars’ thought.

The End

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