Chapter Twenty-Three


had an idea of how to make herself look innocent in this particular murder.

washed well in the freezing tap water and fed Wolf before she went home. When
she arrived home she went directly upstairs to where her mobile phone was and
dialled Arianna’s house-number.

Ms. Goldstein. It’s Malory. Can I speak to Arianna, please? I need to find out
what French homework we got, I was doing an extra-curricular for half the class
and forgot to ask what homework we got.”


Goldstein, Ariana’s mother was one of those big, bossy,
nice-in-a-no-nonsense-way women. She’d liked Malory well enough before the
whole counselling thing started up. She’d supported her daughter’s shunning of
Malory then. For a ‘good Christian’ family they were behaving in a very unholy
manner, like most of the people at school, including the teachers.

sorry Malory. She hasn’t come home yet. She’s probably at one of the other
girl’s houses. I’ll get her to call you when she comes home.”

Goldstein said, though they both knew that she wouldn’t voluntarily ask her
daughter to phone her ex-best-friend.

The End

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