Chapter Twenty-Two

stared at the corpse of Ms. Dahmer and was violently sick. Then her eyes rolled
back in her head and she passed out.

gave a shriek of derisive laughter and began painting the skin of her
victim-to-be with Ms. Dahmer’s blood.

Arianna regained consciousness, she saw Malory leering at her.

began screaming and Malory began drinking more of Ms. Dahmer’s blood from the
bucket. The rusty metal clinked off of her front teeth while the blood stained
her lips, teeth and mouth.

Malory forced Arianna up the ladder, Wolf under one arm, growling.

knotted the rope around Arianna’s neck. Arianna’s body was racked with
convulsive sobs so it was easy to push her off the beam so that the loud crack
of her neck breaking echoed around the barn.

was still just about alive, so Malory stabbed her with the knife, her
bloodstained teeth bared in a vicious grin. Wolf was sniffing the cat corpse in
the corner, used to the sour scent of rotting flesh by now.

soon hung lifeless.

gouged out one of the dead-girl’s eyes and tossed it to Wolf who devoured it.

first lesson starts here, boy.”

whispered softly.

began to let Arianna bleed into another bucket, after she’d peeled off strips
of facial skin from the girl as if she was peeling an apple.

began training the dog to recognise the scent and retrieve it for her.

The End

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