Chapter Twenty

latest trick was to bring perfume wherever she went to mask the smell of
rotting flesh that clung to her clothes. Malory was allowed to walk to school
on her own again seeing as she ‘was making good progress.’ This made it easy
for her to collect Wolf.

walked him to school, tied him up in the bike-shed and ran to her first lesson.

was calm through most classes that day, sneaking into the bike-shed at lunch to
feed Wolf. But when the last class of the day came, she felt hopelessly jumpy,
though she still managed to keep a cool exterior.

the last bell of the day rang, Malory rushed to her locker, grabbed her books,
stuffed them unceremoniously into her schoolbag and ran out the door in
Arianna’s general direction.

the other ‘popular’ girls were a good bit away. Arianna was out of anyone’s
line of vision.

I know you don’t like me anymore but I got a new dog and I really want you to
see him! Please come! He’s really cute, just a little puppy! Come on, please!”



Arianna, pretending not to be interested, though her love of dogs made this

in the bike-shed. I’ve got a couple of cats in a barn a little bit away from
here, and some other puppies! Wait until you see Wolf first though, then maybe
you’ll want to see the others.”

Malory, leading Arianna to the bike-shed.


untied Wolf and handed him to Arianna. He was calm, as he’d been fed.

He’s gorgeous, Malory! I think I would like to go and see your other pets.”

said brightly.

on then, but you must never tell anyone about the barn. I’ve no permission to
use it and mum thinks I’m shopping after school.”

explained, knowing that Arianna was already planning who to tell first.

won’t tell.”

lied in that perfected way that thirteen-year-old girls lie to each other,
two-faced and suave to the very core of their beings. The most cruel, deceitful
people in this world, school-aged children and teenagers.

they went to the barn.

could see the look of horror on Arianna’s face as the smell of blood and
rotting flesh hit her.

she saw the rotting figure of Ms. Dahmer hanging from the wall in a perfect
crucifix formation. She saw the dead cat in the corner; she saw the two rusting
buckets of blood.

The End

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