Chapter Nineteen

had no look at finding one in Lushgreen Park but in the plain, town-park where
she’d murdered Luella there was a wealth of strays. She practically had her
pick of dogs. She picked up a small, fluffy grey dog, barely older than a pup
and very trusting.

carried it back to the barn, after christening it Wolf and playing around with
it using a tennis-ball she’d brought for ‘play-time.’ Playtime was to win its
(or his) trust, but barely needed.

they got to the barn, Wolf whimpered at the stench of rotting flesh and the
reek of blood but didn’t run away. Malory stroked him for his bravery. She knew
about training dogs, after training her last dog to perfection. But this dog
was special. He needed to obey Malory and nobody else. She would be Wolf’s only

held Wolf’s head close to the rotting body until he stopped whimpering and
became used to the scent, calm around it. Then she washed him, making sure his
coat was fluffy and shining. She fastened the collar around his neck and tipped
one tin of dog food into the feed-bowl and filled the water-bowl from the tap
on the wall. Then she drove a nail into the barn wall, moved the dog-bed over
to it and tied Wolf’s leash to it. She stroked him one last time before she

The End

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