Chapter Seventeen

climbed back down the ladder and untied the cat, just the fact that it was dead
made its fluffy, soft, tabby-patterned fur seem gristly and wiry like one of
those mats you’d see on doorsteps.

body seemed both limp and rigid at the same time, its eyes glassy and dead like

pulled up one of the other buckets, as there was an abundance of them in the
barn, and cut the cat’s throat, letting it bleed into the bucket. When all of
its blood was in the bucket she took a marker-pen from her pocket and labelled
the bucket ‘cat’s blood.’ She labelled Ms. Dahmer’s bucket of blood with a
scientific symbol, as it was risky putting her name on it.

she had to set about catching a stray dog. She decided that could wait until the
following day. For now at least she knew she could hang Arianna, her ex-best

The End

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