Chapter Fourteen

was waiting eagerly for Malory.

every question, all Malory could think of was the fact that Amaryllis knew
about the incident where Ms. Dahmer had snatched the sketchpad. This meant that
when people noticed the teacher’s disappearance, Malory might be a suspect if
Amaryllis told the authorities.

the counselling session, in which any ‘progress’ made in the last one was soon
forgotten about, Malory being back to her stubborn self.

of Luella sporting the word ‘missing’ were beginning to crop up all over the
place and the news of her disappearance had circulated the school by now, the
topic of most conversations, the theme worked into most lessons, essays and

still felt a weird jolt of sick pride when she saw the posters, or when someone
at school or at home mentioned the disappearance.

Dahmer was on ‘unexplained absence’ giving Malory’s class free-class science,
therefor giving Malory time to plan the two more deaths she had in mind.
Amaryllis, who she was sure would be her hardest yet, and her ex-best friend
Arianna who would probably be even easier than Luella.

The End

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