Chapter Twelve


pointed, opening her schoolbag.

Dahmer turned around long enough for Malory to bang her on the head with the
hammer. She was knocked unconscious.

dragged her for a long way deeper into the forest. She knew there was a quick
way from here to her barn but she couldn’t drag a body all that way without
being seen. That was where the purpose of the bin-liners came into play. She
shoved Ms. Dahmer into the bin-liner and carried her back to the barn. Anyone
who asked what the bag was for on the way was told that it was full of old
clothes and toys for a charity shop.

the barn, Malory took out her knife, hammer and nails and waited for Ms. Dahmer
to wake from her unconsciousness.

she woke, she gave a scream. But there was no one to hear her.

The End

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