Chapter Eleven

first thing she wanted to do was make sure she tracked down an abandoned barn.
She wanted this barn for horrible reasons, involving a satanic altar.

wasn’t as if these abandoned barns weren’t in plentiful supply, they were just
something Malory had never bothered to look out for. So after her mother’s
return she spent an hour after school locating one nearby and was successful.
She went to the local supermarket afterwards and bought as many packets of
matches as the ten-dollar bill in her pocket would buy.

saw the cashier eyeing the many boxes of matches curiously.

doing an art project in school, making sculptures out of matches.”

explained, lying.


cashier nodded, secretly glad of this enlightenment.

took the matches back to the barn and hid them under a bale of hay. Then she
walked home.

noticed that her mother was giving her more freedom, so she always selected
lies like “Went for a walk” or “Had a look around the shops” when asked where
she’d been so that she didn’t let anything slip.

next day she had to do more shopping. Candles. Long white ones from the
discount store. These were also hidden under the hay-bale.

Saturday came, Malory told her mother, Laurenza, that she was going out for a
while. She packed the usual spare clothes, knife, bin-liners and the hammer and
nails, telling her mother that the bag was full of books to return to the
library. By ten to two she was in Lushgreen Park, a different one from which
she’d killed Luella in. a more forest-nature-reserve type of park. thankfully
the park seemed deserted. The fact that a circus was in town had pulled the
crowd away from the park.

wandered around nonchalantly until she saw Ms. Dahmer.


said innocently.

hello Malory! How is counselling going at the moment?”

Dahmer asked politely.

well thank you.”


you by any chance see a crowd of people? I know the park is almost completely
empty but between you and me, I’ve been nominated for an award.”

Dahmer explained.

congrats! I did see a crowd of people a bit deeper into the forest, where the
river is. Will I come with you to show you?”


you Malory! That would be helpful!”

Dahmer accepted the offer and Malory led her deeper and deeper into the forest,
until they reached the fast-flowing, sharply meandering river.

The End

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