Chapter Ten

was already planning her next murder. Ms. Dahmer was her preferred victim, but
if she couldn’t think of any way to trap a cunning teacher then she would try
someone else who’d spited her, and she had an assortment of those to chose

Dahmer was a science teacher, dedicated to her subject in a very big way.
Malory wondered if she could use this dedication to lure the teacher to her

had the following day to plan the murder. There was a hammer and nails in the
rarely opened old garden shed, the tools she needed to carry out a

sat down at her laptop, glad for the excuse to use it, and changed her E-mail




Subject: science award nomination


Ms. Diane Dahmer

We are pleased to inform you that
you have been nominated anonymously by a group of Bridgeway High School
students for a dedication to the Teaching of Science (DTS) award. A few things
we are sorry to inform you of, is that we cannot allow guests to accompany you
to the event, and you will not find information of the event for the simple
reasons that it is a very little-known and exclusive award. As you hadn’t
signed the submission form we had to bend the rules a little bit, because the
students wrote a lengthy letter about your brilliance in the teaching of
science. Because of this rule bending, we would appreciate if you kept the
amount of people you tell about the award to a minimum. The event will take
place in Lushgreen Park this Saturday at two-o clock.

Please send an Email back to this
address to confirm your attendance by no later than the Thursday beforehand.

In eager anticipation of
confirmation of your attendance,

Alicia Addams


Malory grinned, happy with her fake E-mail, and when she
checked her new E-mail address a few hours later there was a reply. It was
short and to-the-point, a lot like Ms. Dahmer. It was the last line that
pleased Malory. It read ‘I haven’t told anyone and I have also deleted the
E-mail, as I am in charge of the school computers.’ That was just like Ms.
Dahmer, always wanting to do what she was told and also go the extra mile,
which in this case was deleting the E-mail. She was playing right into Malory’s

was feeling giddy and sick with a disgusting sort of excitement.

had a lot to prepare.

The End

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