Chapter Nine


said out loud, though there was no one home. There was a bloodstained schoolbag
in her room that she’d done nothing about.

it was a cheap, flimsy one, made of light material, so one round in the washing
machine and a little while in the tumble-dryer did the trick.

had two computers in her room. One was big, quite old and very temperamental.
The other was a laptop she’d received for Christmas a few months ago and
scarcely switched on. Her friends had all abandoned her since she’d started
attending counselling, so she was never E-mailed anymore. Her mobile phone
credit also seemed to be lasting a lot longer. Malory switched the laptop on
for the first time in about six weeks and Googled ‘famous murderers.’

received a wealth of information on America’s most feared murderers.

she scrolled down the screen, her favourite by far was David Berkowitz.

read about how he’d sent anonymous, taunting letters to the media, telling them
he was responsible for the murders, but never signing these letters. She loved
that idea.

cleared her query history and deleted the page from the screen. She checked her
E-mails in an unfair act of optimism but found only a few advertisements for
10% discounts on items nobody ever seemed to want to buy.

sighed. Which was crueller? Killing a girl who’d bullied and tormented her for
months or ditching, shunning or taunting a girl because she was being sent to
counselling against her own will?

didn’t see herself as the guilty one. People like Luella deserved permanent
residence in the hell they prayed so ostentatiously to stay out of.

The End

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