Chapter Eight

tried to make herself feel bad, as feeling proud of what she’d done was
surreal. But forcing images of Luella’s corpse to flash into her mind only made
her feel sick. She was a professional at being sick by now, sticking her
fingers down her throat after each ‘meal’ but she still wasn’t used to the
acidic feeling of her throat being almost on fire.

wished she’d brought nails with her earlier, so she could stage a crucifixion
like the one she didn’t believe in. a final indignity for the girl who’d
tortured her, a mark of hatred for the faith of most people who attended her

was an idea for next time…

wasn’t stupid. She new it would be both physically and mentally more
challenging to lure a middle-aged teacher to her death then it would be a stupid
thirteen year old who’d do anything to be ‘cool.’

gave a hysterical giggle, realising she’d single-handedly proved that smoking

The End

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