Chapter Six

she arrived home there was a note on the table, written in her mother’s neat


My aunt Emilla is very ill and I’ll be away overnight
looking after her. I’ll text you if I need to stay any longer. You’ve got your
key so keep the door locked. I’ll be back at about five-o clock tomorrow
evening. Call me if you’ve any problem and don’t do anything stupid,




Malory grinned. This couldn’t have worked out more

didn’t even have to go to school tomorrow. She could dispose of her evidence
and prepare to be shocked on Wednesday when Luella’s disappearance was known to
all of the school.

lit a fire in the ornate fireplace and burnt her bloodstained clothes. Most of
her clothes looked the same anyway, so her parents would never know about this.
Then she threw water over the fire and cleared out the ashes.

The End

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