Chapter Four

ten minutes later Laurenza walked out, looking pleased. Malory stayed silent
for the whole journey home. Amaryllis knew too much. Counsellors couldn’t be
trusted with much. Big mouths and thought they were clever. A bad combination.

was a clever person but this cleverness had recently been put to use in the
wrong way. She wouldn’t be forced out of her room that evening. With her wrists
bleeding and her head pounding, she was busy plotting revenge on everyone who’d
ever hurt her.

plan started with the easiest target, a girl who’d been bullying her because of
her ‘need’ for counselling. This girl tormented her everyday, verbally and

knew that her parents searched her room so it would be impossible for her to
keep the things she needed there.

the weekend she plotted carefully. Revenge wasn’t to be planned in ten minutes
over a cup of tea. It was a careful process involving more thought than a week
of school did.

she began gathering items, packing money, clothes and a knife into an old
schoolbag. On Monday, Malory hid the bag in her locker and put the knife up the
sleeve of the jumper she was wearing. She had ditched her usual slogan or rock
t-shirts for a normal Nike jumper. Her slogan t-shirts usually drew attention
to her and if they were too rude she had to turn them inside out.

wasn’t one bit jumpy in class. She was as cool as a professional. At home time
she approached Luella, the girl who bullied her.

The End

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