Chapter Three



while later after Amaryllis had failed to make any sort of real progress,
Malory’s mother knocked on the door to take her home. Malory was barely allowed
anywhere on her own these days, not even being allowed to spend long periods of
time in her room unsupervised, forced down to the sitting room for ‘a bit of
family time’ by her mother. Malory’s mother was a strong believer in
family-time, worst luck.

thing was though, family time had a designated date and time. Not really
informal chats or some unscheduled quality time. You had a time and place for everything
in Malory’s house, but family time never seemed to be scheduled for exactly the
moment you needed it.

mother, Laurenza, was very pretty. She was quite young with dark green eyes,
dark brown layered hair and a charming but suave manner.

Laurenza. We’ve made some progress today. Maybe Malory could wait outside for a
minute while I talk to you?”

suggested politely.

of course. Malory, dear, wait outside, I’ll be along in a minute.”

told Malory.

wait outside while you talk about me then.”

said bitterly.


scolded and smiled apologetically at Amaryllis.

The End

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