Open Scene

The cool air breeze whistles through the clear sky. It is the only sound, the only intruder on this quiet and peaceful setting. It closes in and wraps a comfortable and forgiving blanket around you. It is very different to those harsh and ruthless winds in the city, cold and corrupt in it's nature, poisoned by deathly fumes and chemicals that indoctrinate pure and innocent minds.

The river swishes and swooms gently up the banks, it is clear and pure. Teenage bodies swim and splash in it during the summer season. The swans sail majestically like sea captians in their open surroundings. Very different  to the rats that roam the dirty streets of the city, scavenging off the lazy and careless citizens, who drop kick and leave their litter. 

The sun begins to set in the sky and it leaves a warm red glow. It warms the heart and penetrates right through to the body, healing tired bones and muscles. It doesn't harm, it heals the soul. You feel relaxed and at ease. It should be dark but the night is still young. The sun encourages you to come out and dance in the welcoming night sky. A couple nearby are getting drunk and merry, but the sun doesn't care in fact it encourages it, she knows they will do no harm. Meanwhile in the city, a couple are out on the piss and start to get aggressive and nasty. They exchange bitter and malicious words. One of them has a beer bottle and appears to be threatening the woman with it. The sun there is blocked out by darks clouds.





The End

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