Open Eyes

Jade Gryphon is an ordinary teenage girl who likes her label: ordinary. She enjoys not being recognized for anything special. Until she starts seeing things. Crazy things, like faeries and people with odd characteristics like purple skin or fangs. Suddenly, Jade is thrust into a new world. A world she has to save. To do it, however, she has learn trust. And how to really open her eyes.

Her giant black wings unfurled behind her and she grinned in elation as she took the one step that carried her from the safety of ground to the abyss that loomed in front of her. She just let herself fall, at first. Then, halfway down the cliff, she angled down and dove at the ground. The air tore at her tunic and her hair, but it felt like a soft caress against her face and hands. Like the embrace of a long-lost friend. She had never felt this free or happy before in her life. The scent of water and forest hit her and she took a deep breath, savoring the added tastes of pine and maple. There were deer in the hiding in the trees below her and her stomach rolled in anticipation of the feast to come.

She smirked at the ground as it drew closer, completely confident of her ability to snap out her wings at the last second and catch herself. She prepared for it, the opportune moment when she was but an inch from the ground. As she got closer, she tried to find her wings, to ready them so that she could catch herself in less than a second. But her wings weren’t there.

The ground got nearer and she knew she had but seconds to save herself. The wind no longer felt like a caress but a slap and her perfect balance in the air disappeared as she flailed her arms wildly, surrendering to her survival instincts. The feeling of utter happiness disappeared with the wonderful smells and instead all she could taste was the salty tang of blood from biting her tongue. She closed her eyes as tightly as she could, as if by not seeing what was happening she could force it to not exist.

Suddenly, she understood what was going on. She was going to die.

As soon as she made the realization, a voice sounded in her head. It soothed her and enveloped her in enough trust that she automatically did what it said.

"Open your eyes, Jade."


Jade sat straight up in a cold sweat. Her breathing was ragged and the sheets clung to her as she tried desperately to rip them off. She clutched the sides of her bed and tried to calm herself down. She was still struggling to remember why she felt like this. Every part of her body ached and she could feel tears welling up in her eyes.

The End

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