Is thereMature

Elliana left for her room so I decided to stick my head in another book for the a second time that day.  Purple flame matched Elliana's describtion. Hmmm if only I could remember there faces, personality, what we did together, and their voices. I couldn't did we practice magic with eachother? No my diary indicates that I only learned of magic on its first pages. What if I lied though? Who would know? It doesn't matter I think.  

I sit down on a chair as I read on I find myself surprised that in the whole entire book it doesn't mention a Element based witch with power over all the elements. It made me curious is there one?  I would ask Elliana but I felt I had bugged her alot lately perahps later. I take a peek outside wondering if Elliana's friend was still there.  I didn't see him or his little demon minion. I was sorta jealous it looked like him , and Elliana once where together I'm not sure in which way, but Either way I was jealous.

The End

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