"Flames in their mean burning spirits... aka Witches. The different between coloured flames is the type of power they have" I says. I tap my lips with my finger thoughtfully.

"What are their powers then?" Torren asks.

"I think Blue is the gift of Water and Wind and Purple is Telepathy and Telekenesis" I say. "Hold on"

I walk over to the book shelf scanning the titles.

"Do you have everybook about magic on those shelves?" Torren asks.

"Yep... Oh. Wait. No, I don't have 'The Passage Of Dark Travel'. Thinking about it that would be useful" I mutter. "I'll fetch it from the book store or order it"

"Where do you go to buy them?" Torren asks.

"Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn Market depends on the season but they nearly all basically have the same except for season products" I continue to look the at the book shelves and smile.

I pluck it off the shelf and give it to Torren. "It's in English mostly, call me if you have anyproblems I'll be in my room" I walk off leaving Torren alone in the kitchen.

The End

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