My surrounds melt into white. I stand there momentarily then I ask "find me my brother." It turns black I can see a force or a flame I should say but not a location.

"location?" I say nothing happens. So I can only guess he is still alive I take not that the flame is blue. 

" Lets look for my sister." I say this time I given a landscape of trees and high reaching mountians I could only guess but none of the peaks where familiar. On one of the peaks I see a purple flame. Why are they different?

I tried to get closer to the peak but I feel like i'm getting pulled out. I let myself return to Elliana's room. I felt dizzy and light headed.  I supported my self on the shelf. 

" I presume both are alive, What do the flames mean and whats the difference between blue , and purple?" I say to Elliana

The End

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