A killerMature

I reluctanly begin to read the diary. To find my limit sometimes shortcut should never be taken.  As I skim through  heading captures my eye. I was compelled to read it. The heading was called Sister. It was tear stained.

Dear Diary

I write this page of my life in pain. If I never followed the original directions of the first letter my familiy would be left out. But I didn't the person who wrote the letter laced the words with a type spell that seems capture and persuay those unexperienced to magic. Which I was. Anyways getting to the point I fought my  eldest sister today she's a deadly vampire now. She has skill similar to my own but not as powerful.  I had no choice but to kill  her in the end. I write this in her honor. Marissa your life ment something to others and always will.  For those who think thats petty . it I can't write any poetry at the moment I must run protect my brother , and my last remaining sister.

I killed my own sister , she became a vampire? Who was I then. I don't remember my siblings that this Diary claims that I have but if I do now I could never kill them even if there where a vampire. I felt sick.

" Foods ready." Elliana voice pierces my train of thought

I move robotically to the table.

" I killed ..... I kill..... killed my sister." I say


The End

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