Work it outMature

"You'll work it out eventually" I tell him. "It took me month till I find my limit......... although I suppose that was cause it was so high" I laugh nervously and then look straight at him. "You could check the diary"

He shifts nervously. I roll my head getting the tension out of it. "I'm gonna make some lunch.... how does pasta salad sound?"

Torren nods silently. I push the book off my lap and get up. I flick my hand and thy return themselves to the shelves.

I flick my hand towards the kitchen and all the ingrediants come out. I begging to prepare the salad while the pasta cooks itself.

I look over at Torren to see his face deep in thought.

Maybe I shouldn't have surggested that. I go back to preparing the salad finishing just as the pasta drains the water out and comes over in the collinder.

I pour it into the bowl sticking the slad in as well then adding mayonaize before stiring it all up.

"Foods ready" I call brings plates out. Torren looks up then slowly walks over sitting down like a zombie.

Now I really do regret it.

The End

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