After hours of sitting , repeating everything Elliana read out of the book, and trying to commit everything to memory that she said. The one laws of magic that really stuck to me was Do not continue to use magic if you are out of energy or else you'll begin damaging your life energy, and that'll either kill you or make your life shorter. Another law that I could apreciate was that when your burning something you don't need your your own energy use the energy of what ever your trying to burn. Since everthing is has potential energy when it comes to burning things since that really what fire is. When it came to focussing magic I found it hard to understand since you had know what your energy limits were. Then from that try touse the apporopiate amount of energy.

To be honest I had no clue how much energy I had. 

" So do you understand any of this Torren?" She asked

" I understand bits of it I really liked learning about the laws of magic the best though." I said

" That wasn't the biggest part of this lesson." She mentioned

" Well I also got the how to focus magic but I don't know how much energy I have. I'm not even sure what to compare it too."

The End

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