Uh, this will be hardMature

I wait till he opens his eyes and looks slightly shocked when I'm standing inside a shield. "I said breeze not tornado" I almost hiss through my teeth.

The shield fades and I click my fingers everything going back to its rightful place. I examine the windows and doors and sigh with relief when I find then un damaged.

I walk back to him. "I think the last time you used magic was defensive.... defensive always comes out more powerful as does attack but defensive comes naturally while attack comes out of anger" I say trying to explain it simply.

"Okay... so what am I gonna do?" he asks. I click my fingers and a life size dummy appears.

"Burn it" I say moving back and creating a small shield wall. I watch him close his eyes then open them. They burn like fires and he forces out his palm sending the dummy up in flames.

"Bravo, you contained it" I mutter standing up.

"Yeah" he mutters. "But how come I couldn't do that with the- Hey where are you going?"

I gather down three books from the book self and sit on the floor.

I point a finger at Torren. "Sit" I say bringing the finger down forcing him to sit.

I open the first book. "These will help but its gonna take a loooong time" I mutter scan the ancient writing.

"I can't even read that" Torren mutters.

"Thats why you'll have to repeat after me... really long time"

The End

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